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Why Seamless Roof Encapsulation is Your Permanent Roofing Solution

Applying paint to a worn roof is not roof restoration. It is a temporary solution to a permanent problem, one that's bound to produce more leaks and require more paint, in the near future. If you want heavy-duty, durable protection from the elements, you'll need more than a coat of paint. WeatherWeld's Seamless Roof Encapsulation goes beyond the minimum. It's the only verifiable way to make your roof truly watertight. WeatherWeld turns your roof into an integrated and seamless shield from the rain. From the top of walls to bottom of drains, it forms an impenetrable layer that keeps water in the drainpipe and leaves your substrate bone dry. And it does so for the life of the building. Tough enough to handle a truck driving over it and strong enough to beat with a sledgehammer, WeatherWeld is also fire-resistant. If you’re tired of hunting down roof leaks and re-coating worn roofing, WeatherWeld is your answer. Seamless Encapsulation gives you generational protection from the headaches of roof maintenance. Make your next roofing upgrade decision the last one you'll ever make: choose WeatherWeld.


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