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How WeatherWeld is an Investment Opportunity for Building Owners

Your property is an investment. The long-term nature of this investment requires long-term protection. Your partners need assurances that the building will still be generating profitable returns in 20-30 years. You’ve pooled your resources and expect to grow your initial investments. A sure-fire way to see those investments decline is under the weight of dragging maintenance costs. One of the most profoundly expensive and time-consuming problems you can encounter along the way is a leaking roof. Leaking roofs keep paying tenants out, require expensive repair crews and do long-term damage to the structure of the building. The nightmare that is pervasive mold production is one you never want to experience. These disruptions can be monumental. Worse, the damage to your reputation can linger. Patching the problem over with cheap, quick-fix solutions means inviting long-term problems for you and your investment group.

Cheaper equals long-term expense

Silicone coatings and other “restoration” systems are often sold as budget alternatives. But over the course of 30 years, that budget-minded decision can be costly. A coating merely covers up damage with a thin layer of what is essentially paint. It makes no sense to paint over rust on a car or slap a coat over rotted drywall. You should never paint over a damaged roof. While that coating might buy you a few years of protection, you’ll be paying a crew to re-coat in less than 10 years. At $3.50 per square foot, it can feel like a bargain. But by year 30, that roof will have cost $10 per square foot to service. The coating essentially becomes a subscription service that keeps you coming back every 8-10 years. Someone’s making money, but it’s not you. What is worse, if a leak gets in and does damage, you could be looking at ripping off substrata and reinstalling the whole roof from scratch. When you go to sell, buyers will want to know how that roof was maintained and how much life they can expect out of it. Reassure your investors by encapsulating your roof with a seamless roofing system designed to last. Stay away from single-ply membranes or restoration systems. Seams equal leaks, and this holds true no matter how well they are installed. If a roofing material has seams, the water will find a way in. Blisters will form and before you know it, you’re calling the roofing contractor. If you’re investing in a property that has a leaking roof, and it has single ply, the last thing you want to do is replace it with more of the same material that won’t last.

WeatherWeld = Reliable returns through Encapsulation

WeatherWeld is more than a durable, seamless, watertight roofing system. Its fully encapsulated application means no seams, no leaks, and no re-roofing 10 years (or less) down the line. WeatherWeld promises 30+ years of leak-free protection. That’s a lifetime of watching your asset grow in value without ever draining funds to keep your building leak-free. It means more money for you and your partners and less of it handed over to roofing contractors and manufacturers. Make the once-in-a-lifetime decision to protect yourself and your partners from roof leaks that turn into draining financial burdens. Protect your building.  Protect your partners. Protect your investments. Call us today at (833) 309-ROOF or schedule a roof inspection, to protect your investments for a lifetime with WeatherWeld.


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