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Self-Adhering Membrane

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WW474049 - WeatherWeld self adhering membrane is a modified roofing membrane sheet with a self sticking adhesive backing used as a general flashing sheet at transitions, terminations, and flashings. Self adhering is also used to bridge gaps and as a field repair tape before WeatherWeld applications


Polyester Ply Sheet

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WW11111 Polyester Ply is a stitch bonded, high performance fabric for use in WeatherWeld roof encapsulation systems. The polyester ply is used in WeatherWeld Roofing Systems as the leveling layer for gravel roof systems. It is also designed as a separation sheet to bridge gaps between standing seam metal panels in WeatherWeld metal roof encapsulation systems.


Mineral Surfaced Base Sheet

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WW22222 - Mineral Surfaced Base Sheet is a fire rated, granule surfaced base sheet meeting the requirements of ASTM D 3909 and Federal Specification SS-R-602D, Class 3. The glass mat is impregnated and coated with a lightly modified rubberized asphalt and fire retardant fillers, and surfaced with mineral/ceramic color coated granules. Applied inverted with cold process adhesive.


G2 Base Sheet

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WW33333 - Base Sheet is a heavy duty asphalt coated sheet manufactured to meet the requirements of ASTM D 4601, Type II and Fed. Spec. SS-R-602B, Type III. A heavyweight non-woven fiberglass mat makes it particularly suitable for use in fire retardant assemblies. Applied with cold asphalt cement. Unlike saturated felt or lightweight fiberglass ply sheet, WW33333 - Base Sheet is coated with of asphalt on both sides and reacts with the solvents in cold cement to provide excellent adhesion without decrease in tensile strength. It has lay lines appropriate for normal roofing side laps. The surface of the sheet is lightly sprinkled with sand to prevent sticking.


WeatherWeld Fiberglass Roving

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WWFG100 - Fiberglass Roving is continuous filament glass fiber consisting of approximately sixty strands held together loosely in rope form by a special sizing. Roving is designed for spray application using the WeatherWeld 3D Roof Printer to provide reinforcement for WeatherWeld asphalt emulsion coating.


WeatherWeld Elastomeric Base Coat

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WW472049 - WeatherWeld acrylic basecoat is a water-based, acrylic elastomeric coating designed to facilitate proper adhesion of WeatherWeld Title 24 compliant Cool Roof Coating to WeatherWeld emulsion. WW472049 provides superior protection against ponding water and eliminates the need for costly replacement.


WeatherWeld Cool Roof Reflective Coating

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WW473049 - Cool Roof Reflective Coating is a multi-purpose, acrylic, elastomeric coating for use over a variety of substrates including asphalt and metal roofing. It has unique "bleed blocking" properties which make it particularly suited for coating over asphalt surfaces, and exceeds several ASTM D6083 requirements for tensile strength, elongation, wet adhesion and weatherability.


Base Sheet Adhesive

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WW44444 - Base Sheet Adhesive is a premium grade, roofing adhesive. Modified, rubberized, and waterproof, it may be applied with squeegee or sprayer, and is formulated from asphalt and solvents which bond asphalt coated base sheets in various roofing applications.


WeatherWeld Asphalt Emulsion

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WW471145 - WeatherWeld Asphalt Emulsion is the primary waterproofing component of WeatherWeld roofing systems and is applied simultaneously with WeatherWeld fiberglass. A colloid mixture of water, asphalt, and bentonite clay, WeatherWeld asphalt emulsion is water based, low odor, UV stable and 0 VOC.


WeatherWeld Aluminum Roof Coating

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WW470048 - Aluminum Roof Coating is designed as a reflective coating for WeatherWeld roof systems. Premium aluminum flakes are suspended in emulsified asphalt and provide outstanding weathering resistance and reflectance. This coating reduces surface temperature and penetration of sun rays on the roof surface. It helps reduce interior temperature and protects the roof and roofing membrane by reducing heat absorption, asphalt oxidation, and rapid thermal dimensional changes. Meets ENERGYSTAR standards

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