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The Truth About Roof Warranties

Any time you buy a big-ticket item, it's important to read the fine print on the warranty. The same is true for roof warranties. Many consumers assume that a warranty will cover anything that goes wrong with their roof, but that's often not the case. In most cases, warranties only cover manufacturing defects. So, if your roof leaks because of poor installation or bad weather, you're probably out of luck.  Additionally, many warranties have time limits, so even if your roof is defective, you may only be covered for a certain number of years. When it comes to roof warranties, it's important to do your research and understand exactly what is covered. Otherwise, you could be left with a huge repair bill or having to re-roof your building.

What is a roof warranty, and what does it cover?In general, warranties are designed to safeguard the roofing manufacturer and the contractor. If you read the fine print, you'll find that you have minimal coverage at best. The scenario goes something like this: the manufacturer faults the contractor for poor installation, or they blame the consumer for failing to schedule required inspections. In essence, you're left without a true warranty.

Why should you purchase a roof warranty?It should be as simple as one thing, and that's a guarantee that your roof will be waterproof and free of leaks. At WeatherWeld, we believe a warranty should be inherent to the physical product, not just written on a piece of paper.

How does WeatherWeld offer a 30- or 40-year warranty on a roof system?Over 30 years ago, our original WeatherWeld roofs were installed at half the thickness they are today, and they're still functioning and withstanding the elements. No other commercial roofing system can claim this level of durability. We've increased the thickness by a factor of two, which has doubled the durability. This means we developed a roof that is intended to last for a lifetime. Because no other roofing manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty, we’re not able to offer lifetime warranties in the public market. However, WeatherWeld holds the roofing industry to the highest standard, so we offer the longest NDL warranties available; 30 years and 40 years in length. In the private market, we do offer lifetime warranties because we simply stand behind our product; our oldest roofs are still going strong and don’t leak.

Designed to LastWe built a roof that lasts a lifetime. We did so by selecting the best materials with the longest track record and combining them to develop a strong, fire resistant, and long-lasting roof system.  WeatherWeld roofs are backed not only by the actual quality of our roofing system, but our NDL are simple and doesn’t have a lengthy list of exclusions. We operate on a basic idea: if a roof leaks, we fix it. It's as simple as that. So, if your roof ever needs repair, we will take care of it - at no cost to you. With WeatherWeld, you can rest assured that your roof is protected.


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