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Good Stewards in Facilities

I recently sat in a meeting with a great facilities team that thought WeatherWeld sounded too good to be true. My colleague and I were asked a ton of questions—the team had researched WeatherWeld well, they were on it. It was a very thorough meeting, and I appreciated every bit of it: It was a thorough meeting because the decision makers in that room truly cared about being good stewards of the funds they have access to—they care about making a wise investment. They know the decisions they make now will affect those who come after them—those who will eventually take over their roles, and the generations whose tax dollars pay for the consequences of poor decisions. It was a thorough meeting because we boldly claim that WeatherWeld eliminates roof leaks for a lifetime, and they know the value it would bring them for us to deliver on that promise—the life cycle savings, the safety of students, the protection of millions of dollars of equipment inside the buildings, protecting the next generation from wasteful spending, etc. Afterwards, they invited us to walk on their roofs; it truly felt like an invitation. That’s the right thing to do—do the research, ask the right questions, and decide yourself that WeatherWeld is your solution to eliminate roof leaks for a lifetime.


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