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How much does WeatherWeld weigh?

Once facilities directors and building owners are convinced of WeatherWeld’s strength and durability, they always have the same questions. Won’t something strong enough to take a beating with a hammer be too heavy to lay on top of existing roofing? Will I be pushing the decking too far?

The short answer is no. Not by a long shot.

It’s a fair question. We equate strength with weight. Concrete is tough but heavy. Steel can support tons but is dense.

But WeatherWeld is different by design. It is a unique combination of strength and flexibility without the added weight. Embedding overlapping fiberglass strands in a proprietary solution creates a matrix of materials. That matrix is thin and beyond resilient.

Let’s look at some numbers to examine how it works.

The Math Behind WeatherWeld

The lowest-rated decking surface is plywood. It is rated to support 5 pounds per square foot (psf). Any more weight than that and you will be getting close to its engineered load-bearing capacity.

The standard commercial, flat-roof application is 4-ply built-up roofing material. It consists of multiple layers of asphalt-embedded felt with a cap sheet, base sheet, and a granular surface.

All that material ends up being roughly ½ inch thick and weighs roughly 2 lbs. per square foot. Because our plywood can hold 5 lbs. per square foot, basic math (5lbs – 2lbs = 3lbs) tells us we can still hold an additional 3 pounds of material on top of our 4-ply.

WeatherWeld’s 40-year warranty application is ¼” thick and weighs 1.6lbs psf. So, when adding a layer of WeatherWeld on your existing 4-ply the math looks like this:

2 lbs. (4-ply) + 1.6l bs (WeatherWeld) = 3.6 lbs. psf.

Since our plywood decking can hold 5lbs psf, we have 1.4lbs of wiggle room. An entire second round of WeatherWeld could be applied and you would still not exceed rated loads.

Remember, we have been using plywood decking as our example. If your roof is being supported by concrete or steel, the numbers look even better.

Replace Gravel to Lighten Your Load

Gravel can weigh almost 6lbs psf. If you are concerned about the weight load on your deck, strip the gravel and replace it with WeatherWeld. It is not uncommon for us to remove 4 lbs. of gravel psf. After our application, the roof is now lighter by 2.4 lbs. psf.

Certification and History Equal Proof

WeatherWeld has been certified by the California Division of the State Architect for full compliance with all decking types. You don’t get that certification without stringent testing. Hundreds of engineers and architects have specified WeatherWeld because of its unassailable reputation.

WeatherWeld has been protecting hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings for decades. Weight has never been an issue. When builders want a lightweight, watertight roof, they turn to WeatherWeld.

Watch this video, then schedule your free roof inspection to get a roof designed to last a lifetime.

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