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How is WeatherWeld different?

WeatherWeld is not your average roofing material. It distinguishes itself in some very important ways. When compared with standard single-ply roofing and roof restoration the advantages are clear.

Ease of installation

 Single-ply comes in large cumbersome rolls. It requires a multitude of tools including rollers and hot air welders. Seams need to be meticulously installed and leave little room for error. The process is tedious. Roofers spend most of their time on their knees, which leads to fatigue and mistakes.

Roof restoration is a bit simpler but still requires laborious hand labor when spreading with roller brushes.

WeatherWeld uses pump-powered 3-D roof printers to spray the fiberglass and ceramic emulsion. The workers are in much better ergonomic positions reducing injury and fatigue. Once the mixtures and machines are in place, a WeatherWeld roof goes on in less time. Rolls of roofing material don’t have to be delivered and workers don’t spend all day on their knees.

Finally, because the material is literally sprayed on, it is nearly impossible to leave the job with uncovered areas. Ease of work creates solid roofs and eliminates callbacks.

Resisting the Elements

 Standard single-ply materials are vulnerable to UV damage and will degrade under the best of climates. With rain and thermal expansion, it’s only a matter of time before the material becomes brittle. Brittle material peels, cracks, and leaks. Windstorms lift seams and provide points of entry for water.

Once this process begins, building owners will often turn to roof restoration systems which are typically little more than glorified paint. The problem is abated, for a while. Putting a thin layer of paint over a damaged roof is like putting a bandage over a wound that needs surgery.

WeatherWeld avoids all these problems through design and advanced materials.

The strongest windstorm won’t lift any seams because there aren’t any. WeatherWeld consists of fiberglass threads embedded in a ceramic asphalt solution. Once it is applied it forms a fully encapsulated blanket of ¼” thick protection. There simply are no seams or crevices for wind or water to get up and under.

The combination of perpendicular fiberglass strands and asphalt hardens into a flexible layer of UV-resistant, rainproof, and even fire-resistant roofing that is strong enough to drive a truck on. In short, it shrugs off anything the elements can throw at it. And it does it for the life of the building.

Where It Works

 WeatherWeld works existing roofs including gravel, metal, single-ply, built-up, and metal roofs. For decades it has been protecting hospitals, government buildings, convention centers, and even portable classrooms.

Watch this video, then schedule your free roof inspection to get roof that’s designed to last.

by | 22-Nov-2022


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