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How does WeatherWeld work?

The problem with traditional commercial roofing is seams. Seams are where adhesives fail, and water penetrates. The key to a truly watertight roof that lasts the life of the building is to eliminate those seams.

That is precisely what WeatherWeld does.

WeatherWeld is an embedded matrix of overlapping fiberglass threads in a liquid ceramic asphalt emulsion. When sprayed onto a roof it hardens into a flexible, yet ultra-durable coat of protection.

Long strands of fiberglass are fed into our specially designed 3-D Roof Printer. They are then chopped into smaller sections, combined with the emulsion, and sprayed onto your existing roof.

Plywood gains its strength from the cross-lamination of perpendicular layers glued together. WeatherWeld creates the same tensile strength with fiberglass threads. A nearly infinite number of threads are intertwined and overlapping. And because they are embedded in an asphalt solution, they are permanently protected from the elements.

After coating your existing roof, you now have a barrier that is strong enough to take a sledgehammer blow and sturdy enough to drive a truck on. It is even fire-resistant.

WeatherWeld molds to every curve and surface. It encapsulates the entire roof. From the top of the parapet wall to the bottom of the drain, your roof is covered in ¼”-thick seamless material.

And seamless means nowhere for the water to get in. Nowhere for the wind to lift. And nowhere for adhesives to separate.

Watch this video.

If you’re ready for the only 40-year NDL warranty roofing material that has lasted a warranty length, schedule your free roof inspection now.

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