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5 Reasons WeatherWeld is the Permanent Solution for Your Roof Problems

A WeatherWeld roofing system will save you money, last for decades, allow you to sleep at night, and provide an unmatched level of protection from the rain.

Let’s dig in and examine 5 reasons why WeatherWeld is the permanent solution for roof leaks and all your roofing problems:

1. Durable Coverage. WeatherWeld is a paradigm shift in roofing technology. By coating the roof in a ½” layer of long strand fiberglass-embedded material, an impenetrable barrier is created.

Modern single-ply roofs are rolled out and glued at the seams. These seams create hundreds of possible failure points on a roof. They require frequent inspections and re-gluing. WeatherWeld, however, is 100% seamless. There are no joints, seams, or connection points in a WeatherWeld roof.

Standard roofing materials are brittle and inflexible. They are prone to bubbling and cracking.

WeatherWeld is strong enough to drive a truck on, durable enough to take a flamethrower to, and flexible enough to expand and contract with temperature changes.

WeatherWeld shrugs off extreme weather and foot traffic with ease.

2. Long-Term Savings. Installing a typical roll-out roof might save a few dollars in the beginning. But there’s a reason these systems come with built-in inspection checks and maintenance schedules.

The roofer will inevitably be back to re-glue seams and patch leaks. Those return visits aren’t free. Tear offs and re-roofing can double the initial cost of a “budget” roof.

With a WeatherWeld roof you can count on decades of maintenance-free performance. The money saved on roof repairs can be spent on building upgrades instead.

3. Peace of Mind. A seamless roof that eliminates roof leaks means you can focus on managing your facilities without worry.

Full encapsulation, from the top of parapets to drain holes, creates a blanket of protection with no seams. No seams means water has nowhere to go but into drains.

You can rest easy knowing you won’t be getting angry calls reporting leaks. No insidious water penetration means you won’t ever be ripping off sheathing and reinstalling from scratch. In short, your building is safe and dry.

WeatherWeld is so confident that you’ll have permanent protection with our product that we offer a 40-year NDL warranty to public agencies and a lifetime warranty to private clients. With more than 30 years of experience encapsulating schools, colleges, hospitals, convention centers, and hotels, we know you won’t be calling us back. In the rare event that you need us, we’re there in a heartbeat.

4. Code Compliance. In California, energy use is getting more scrutiny than ever before. Roofs are now analyzed for their ability to reflect heat. Flat roofs require specified paints to do the job. WeatherWeld has been tested with Title 24 coatings and has a history of meeting code.

5. Versatile Application.  Not all commercial roofs are the same. Luckily, WeatherWeld has a proven track record with most roofing designs.

Protocols and trained installers mean WeatherWeld can seal in flat membranes, gravel, and even standing-seam metal roofs.

WeatherWeld has no odor and no VOCs, and causes minimal during installation, which means that it can be installed year-round even while buildings are occupies.

The Permanent Solution for Roof Leaks and Roof Problems. If there is one word to describe WeatherWeld, it is “permanent.” A true once-in-a-lifetime roofing solution. It is now possible to cover your roof once and be done.

With WeatherWeld, you’ll never have to worry about roof leaks again, you’ll never have to schedule maintenance again, and you can rest assured that your roof will be watertight for generations.

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by | 6-Dec-2022


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