Makes Roofing Simple

Dealing with constant roof leaks is costly.


It’s expensive

Ongoing maintenance and annual repairs drain your budget


it’s time consuming

Handling roof issues takes time from working on more important work


It’s Stressful

Fielding angry phone calls from occupants leads to piles of work orders

Managing a building with roof leaks is a nightmare.


WeatherWeld eliminates roof leaks for a lifetime.


It’s Affordable

WeatherWeld comes at one affordable price - no hidden costs or change orders.


it’s Saves time

Maintenance-free. Keep drains clear and WeatherWeld will stay watertight for decades.


It’s Guaranteed to work

Our 40-year Leak Free Guarantee frees you from the stress of roof leaks for good.

We believe it's wrong that people are spending money on roofing and it isn't fixing the problem.
WeatherWeld is installed one time and eliminates roof leaks for the life of your building.


“The cost savings on maintenance and energy efficiency is incredible.”

Facilities Manager // DoubleTree Hotel, Las Vegas, NV


“WeatherWeld is a quality, robust system for an economical price.”

Simi Valley Unified School District


Here’s How it Works


Clean the Roof.
The roof is prepared and patched to create a clean application surface - WeatherWeld works with any roof type.


Install WeatherWeld.
WeatherWeld is applied from the top of the walls to the bottom of the drains as one-piece that is 1/4in thick.


Apply UV Coating.
WeatherWeld's UV coating can be any color, but is usually white to meet Title 24 code.


Forget About Your Roof.
With a leak-free roof that keeps everyone inside the building dry and happy, you never have to think about your roof again.


What makes WeatherWeld so different?


Roofing companies have spent decades designing different types of strips for your roof and glueing them together. Despite how fancy, lightweight or hi-tech the strips get, they all share one common flaw - the seams that connect the material fail to stay watertight.

In fact, the data shows that 50% of brand new roofs leak. WeatherWeld is different because it doesn't have seams - it's one piece and stays watertight for decades.

At WeatherWeld, we know that you want to be recognized as a great leader. In order to do that, you need to have buildings that don’t leak. The problem is that your buildings continue to leak no matter how much patching and repairing you do which leaves you feeling overwhelmed. We believe you have better things to do with your life than worry about the next time it rains. We understand how stressful the work orders and angry phone calls are every time it rains. That’s why we’ve spent the last 30+ years helping thousands of building managers like you eliminate their roof leaks for good.

Here’s how you can get a roof that won’t leak a single drop for the next 40+ years.

Step 1: Get A Quote Use the form below or call us directly to get an accurate quote - no hidden fees or extras.

Step 2: Receive A Free Inspection Report We'll come on site and create a free Inspection Report that is 100% custom and can be given to contractors to bid on.

Step 3: Have It Installed WeatherWeld's patented spray tool cuts fiberglass strands and blends it with an emulsion to create a ¼ in thick roof that doesn’t have a single seam and won’t leak.

Step 4: Rest Easy After safe and quiet installation, you never have to think about your roof again.

Take the first step and get a quote now.

If you’re tired of roof leaks and you're ready for an affordable permanent solution, get a quote today. When you do, you’ll have peace of mind and get hours back in your day.


Tested and proven in virtually every industry.

✔ Public Schools

✔ Colleges

✔ Government

✔ Public utilities

✔ REtail

✔ Hospitals

✔ Hotels

✔ Public Venues


 WeatherWeld is great for…

✔ Existing Roofs

✔ New Construction

✔ Portable Classrooms

✔ Metal

✔ Gravel

✔ and More

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